How to Use

To use Rudimental Hands effectively, make it a part of your daily practice routine. You will need sticks, a drum (or a pad), a metronome, and a stopwatch. In order to see the best results, follow the plan closely. “Play for 5 minutes” means a full 5 minutes, and “Start at 80 bpm” means exactly 80 bpm.

For most effective practice time, use a mirror or record yourself with a camera. If you are a marching percussionist, practice marking time while you play. If you primarily play drumset, create foot patterns to loop underneath the hand exercises.

Ultimately, the goal is to prepare yourself to create music together with other people. After each session, apply what you have learned by practicing music for an ensemble, solo, or other venue.

One response to “How to Use

  1. thank god for this website!!!! my practice time needs structure, and between working 60 hours a week, married, and a father of 2, my practice time is very precious. but i’m so excited about just getting to play, i lose focus. this gives me direction, something to shoot for, and how to go about it. thank you so much. just put my girls to bed, so i’m going to get right to the flam accents and drags. seriously, this is awesome!!!!

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