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Wednesday: Doubles and Puh-Duh-Duhs

Warm-up: Spend 3 minutes playing flam taps and inverted flam taps. Use “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele for tempo, and vary between 1/8th notes and triplets.

Skill work: Take a look at Doubles and Puh-Duh-Duhs. Work through these sticking patterns slowly, striving for even rhythms and consistent sounds. Notice the 5 over 4 pattern in the “Half’s” variation. Play both at one height (A) and at two heights (B).

Challenge: Can you play Doubles and Puh-Duh-Duhs with 4 different grips? Try both matched, both traditional, RH matched – LH traditional, and RH traditional – LH matched.

Post tempos, heights, and grips to comments.

Tuesday: Multiple Grips

Warm-up: Spend 4 minutes alternating between 8 bars of flams and 8 bars of roll. Be creative, and use “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson for tempo.

Skill work: Read Murray Gusseck’s article “Around the World (with velocity)”. Spend 15 minutes playing various one-hand 16th note patterns with different grips. Step outside of your comfort zone, and experiment with German (wrist), French (finger), American (wrist and finger), and traditional (right and left hands).

Challenge: Pick your weakest grip combination (left French and right traditional, for example) and spend 5 minutes playing single strokes as fluidly as possible. How fast can you play one bar of 16th notes with this grip?

Post experiences, grips, and tempos to comments.