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Friday: Rolls and Singles

Warm-up: Spend 5 minutes playing threes and fours (RRR LLL and RRRR LLLL) in various combinations. Use “I’ll Be Around” by Cee-Lo Green for tempo.

Skill work: Spend 15 minutes working on this exercise. Focus on transitioning evenly from low double-stroke triplet rolls to high 1/16th-note single strokes. Break down the last two bars slowly (start at 100 bpm), and play these rhythms emphatically. The goal is to internalize these common patterns to the point where they flow out of your hands naturally.

Challenge: Who inspires you? Over the weekend, find a new artist (visual, musical, theatrical, etc.) who inspires you in some way to become a better drummer. We are musicians, and as such we have the capacity to create art that points to something greater.

Post tempos, heights, and inspiring artists to comments.