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Friday: Paradiddles and Puh-duh-duh’s

Warm-up: Spend 6 minutes playing a mixture of singles and puh-duh-duhs (RLLRLL, LRRLRR). Play along with “Gossip” by Galactic.

Skill work: Today we will work on two versions of the Paradiddle Grid. Begin playing slowly while focusing on even 16th notes and distinct heights. Notice too that both notes of the double beat are accented. Work each version before increasing tempo, aiming for the 160+ bpm tempo range.

Challenge: How fast can you play 8 puh-duh-duh’s in a row? Off the left? Use a metronome, and play the puh-duh-duh’s as sixtuplets. The tendency as you get faster will be to “crush” the low double, so work on “opening” or “widening” that rhythm.

Post heights and tempos to comments.