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Thursday: Three-Note 16th Grids

Warm-up: Spend 4 minutes playing buzz rolls and three’s (RRRLLL) in a variety of rhythms. Use this live version of “Minha Alma” by Maria Rita for tempo.

Skill work: Work on these Three-Note 16th Grids. Notice how they are different from regular triplet and 16th-note grids. Play these variations slowly, focusing on accurate rhythms, distinct heights, and tight diddles. Begin at 80 bpm, and work towards a medium-fast tempo.

Challenge: Drink water, and only water. The effects of adequate hydration can be both refreshing and surprising. Can you go one full day with drinking only water? What about one full week? Eat what you please, but when it comes to liquids, avoid the sodas, juices, coffees, etc.