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Thursday: Double-Stroke Roll

Warm-up: Pick a rudiment and grid it at least 4 different ways. Your options could include (but are not limited to): RH lead, LH lead, forwards, backwards, 4-2-1, 1-2-4, triplets, 16th’s, etc.

Skill work: Today we will revisit Murray Gusseck’s MasterClick article and play a double-stroke roll. Sticking options include:

  • R R L L R R L L
  • L L R R L L R R
  • R L L R R L L R
  • L R R L L R R L

Be creative and vary the dynamics over the course of the 31 minutes as well. Here is the mp3: MasterClick.

Also, here is an interesting podcast about technology and modern society to listen to while drumming.

Post experiences and thoughts to comments.


Warm-up: Spend 4 minutes playing three’s (RRR LLL) and tap five’s (R llrr L rrll). Use “Earth” by Imogen Heap for tempo.

Skill work: Introducing a new pattern today: ABAA BABB. This means play pattern A, then pattern B, then pattern A twice. Then repeat off the “B” pattern. Check it out below, using 16th’s (A) and 32nd’s (B) as the two patterns:

Spend some time working these patterns out, always with a metronome, and also feel free to experiment with other stickings (paradiddle the 32nd’s, double the 16th’s, etc.).

Challenge: Read “Reflecting on The Red Plane” by Lydia Ness, an article explaining the deeper meaning behind RCC’s show this season. What is your red plane, your dream, your passion?

Post tempos, heights, and red planes to comments.

Wednesday: Doubles and Puh-Duh-Duhs

Warm-up: Spend 3 minutes playing flam taps and inverted flam taps. Use “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele for tempo, and vary between 1/8th notes and triplets.

Skill work: Take a look at Doubles and Puh-Duh-Duhs. Work through these sticking patterns slowly, striving for even rhythms and consistent sounds. Notice the 5 over 4 pattern in the “Half’s” variation. Play both at one height (A) and at two heights (B).

Challenge: Can you play Doubles and Puh-Duh-Duhs with 4 different grips? Try both matched, both traditional, RH matched – LH traditional, and RH traditional – LH matched.

Post tempos, heights, and grips to comments.

Tuesday: Use Your Feet!

Something a little different today on Rudimental “Hands”… we’re going to drum with our feet! If you are a marching percussionist, learning to play pedals with your feet will only enhance your overall sense of timing, groove, and verticality between limbs.

Skill work: Work on these Fundamental Patterns for Hands and Feet for 20 minutes. We are playing single and double strokes in every possible combination for four limbs. Begin slowly (80 bpm), and increase the tempo only when comfortable. Today’s goal is consistency of rhythm, not speed.

Note: If you do not have access to two pedals, then simply tapping your foot works great! Try to keep your heel down while tapping on the ball of your foot.