Monthly Archives: October 2011

Wednesday: Basic Strokes

Today’s challenge is to learn and play Murray Gusseck’s “Basic Strokes” as played by the Santa Clara Vanguard drumline in 2004. You can watch the drumline play the exercise here:

And here:

As you can tell, the exercise is quite long and involved. As such, I have uploaded the 9-page pdf file here. Spend some quality time playing these patterns with a metronome (80 bpm seems like a good place to start), and after having worked out the ending, try playing with the videos a couple times. Have fun!

Post tempo, experiences, and Vanguard hype to comments.

Monday: Mayan Sacrifice Video

Filmed this last week and uploaded it this morning. Turned the met off for recording, so this was probably in the 152 bpm range. Enjoy!

On Drum Majorettes

A little aside today to post a couple pictures from a 1940’s notice found in the Charlottesville High School band room:

Anyway, thought that was hilarious. Back to building “military precision” and “snap and rhythm” tomorrow!