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Tuesday: Flam Taps

Warm-up: Mixing it up a bit today. Do 8 push-ups, each one with a different hand position. Loosen up with a mixture of buzz rolls and legato strokes. Repeat this couplet 3 times.

Skill work: Spend 10 minutes working on flam taps (use this exercise on page 2). Start at 80 bpm, and intentionally play each note with a wrist stroke. Increase the tempo by 8 bpm each minute, focusing on playing perfect flams (not double-stops) and consistent 16th-notes.

Challenge: Drumset players, can you orchestrate flam taps around the set? Try putting the accents on the toms and the taps on the snares. Also experiment with various foot patterns underneath, such as a samba or a rumba. Marching percussionists, can you play “ghosted” flam taps? (You will do the motion of each accent without actually striking the drum.) If so, how fast?