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Wednesday: Flam Accents with Feet

Skill work: Today we will play flam accents with both the hands and feet. This can be quite unfamiliar for many players, so spend a good deal of time figuring out the coordination involved. As always, strive for flam consistency and even rhythms.

I am interested in how Rudimental Hands readers are doing with the drumset posts, so please post your experiences to comments. Thanks!

Monday: Threes and Fours

Warm-up: Spend a few minutes playing paradiddle-diddles and threes in time with “I’ve Changed Too” by Justin Kalk Orchestra.

Skill work: The focus of today is mastering three- and four-strokes:

Emphasize even rhythm and sound, and let the heights flow naturally (do not concern yourself with super low taps). This exercise should make you aware of your fulcrum pressure as well.

Challenge: Can you add diddles? See below:

Go slowly (1/4 note = 80 bpm to start), and strive for perfect diddles. This is a fun one!

Post tempos to comments.

Friday: Inspiration

Courtesy of Thomas Lang…

Wednesday: Feet Rudiments

Warm-up: Play some single strokes with your feet in time with “Ice Cream” by Battles. Refresh your memory with these patterns from an earlier RH post.

Skill work: Spend 15 minutes playing flam taps between your hands and feet:

Focus on achieving a consistent flam sound, regardless of which limb or surface is being played. Accent only the primary note of each flam, and keep the other notes low and quiet.

Challenge: Can you isolate the heel-toe technique on double bass such as Claus Hessler demonstrates in this video at 2:53? This is very helpful for the flam taps.

Post tempos and experiences with foot technique to comments.

DCI 2011 and Updates

Forgive the lack of posting recently. Between teaching Spirit of Atlanta and playing with The Anatomy of Frank, I’ve been prioritizing other things.

Drum Corps International began hosting shows this past weekend. After combing YouTube for some “educational enrichment,” I wanted to share a fantastic clip of The Cavaliers playing their music:

Notice several things: the fluidity in their technique, the ease with which playing comes, and the space written into the music, allowing for said fluidity and ease.

Upcoming: more drumset applications (think rudimental double-bass patterns), more clips of drum corps lines, more methodology from my other blog, test material for a rudimental grids book in the fall, and even more awesome Rudimental Hands challenges.

Friday: Hand Speed Rolls

Warm-up: Spend 4 minutes playing triple beats and flam taps in time with “Tenderoni” by Chromeo.

Skill work: The name of the game is Hand Speed Rolls:

The priorities here are perfect rhythmic interpretation and immaculate tempo maintenance. Notice too that this roughly follows a 4-2-1 pattern, so spend more time on the 4’s and 2’s before tackling the 1’s, especially with the last variation. Tempo range is 100 – 160 bpm.

Challenge: Can you play variations 3 and 4 with singles on the triplets? What about playing variation 4 with accents on the 1/16th notes? Off the left? The possibilities are endless; be creative.

Post tempos, heights, and variations to comments.