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Monday: Mayan Sacrifice

Warm-up / Skill work: Play flam accents, flam drags, cheeses, and flam fives open-close-open (slow-fast-slow). Take your time increasing in tempo, but be sure to both start slowly and get very fast. Aim for 15 minutes total here.

Challenge: Learn “Mayan Sacrifice”:

I wrote this after being inspired on a trip to Tikal, a site of Mayan Ruins in Guatemala. Start slowly, use a metronome, and tackle each micro-phrase by itself.

Ask questions, work it out, and then post a video of yourself playing the lick!

Monday: Flams and Goal-Setting

Warm-up: What are your goals for drumming? Write down your top 3:

  1. Short-term: Achievable within a month
  2. Mid-range: 6 months to a year away
  3. Long-term: Where will you be in 5 to 10 years drumming?

Skill work: Spend some quality time perfecting your flam drags, cheeses, and flam fives using this “Mini Three” exercise from SnareScience.com. Start with the metronome at 80 bpm, and work these patterns both RH and LH lead. If you are having difficulty with the cheeses, put an ‘intellectual accent’ on the 2nd partial of the triplet.

Challenge: How fast can you play “Mini Three”? Focus on quality rhythms and consistent flams, but let’s also take the speed up as you feel comfortable.

Post tempos, heights, and goals to comments.