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Wednesday: Chut-Chuttas

Warm-up: Spend 5 minutes playing your favorite accent-to-tap exercise. Use “Where Do We Go From Here” by Jamiroquai for tempo.

Skill work: Spend 15 minutes working on this chut-chutta exercise. A ‘chut-chutta’ is a flam accent with an extra flam on the third partial. Start slowly (dotted 1/4-note at 80 bpm), and increase the tempo by 10 bpm every 2 minutes (working towards 140 bpm). Another variation is to play the exercise without any repeat measures.

Challenge: Can you put a diddle on the downbeat? These become ‘cheese chut-chuttas.’ Work on them slowly with solid diddles and clear heights. Can you play them in the triplet grid?

Post tempos, heights, and chut-chutta variations to comments.

Friday: Single Stroke 3’s and 5’s

Warm-up: Spend 4 minutes playing paradiddles. Vary the accents, placing them on different partials of the paradiddles. Use “Cosmic Girl” by Jamiroquai as a timekeeper.

Skill work: Play single stroke three’s and five’s for 8 minutes. Try this exercise that alternates between the two rudiments. Start at 120 bpm, playing perfectly in time with accurate rhythms. Increase the tempo by 20 bpm as you feel comfortable. As a variation, try accenting all the e’s and a’s.

Challenge: Marching percussionists, add diddles to the exercise above, playing five- and nine-stroke rolls. Play the rolls at a tap height, and work with a metronome to see how quickly you can play the entire exercise.

Drumset players, try playing the exercise above 1) with your feet and 2) between one hand and one foot. Use your other limb(s) to play time in a simple 1/8th note groove pattern.

Post tempos, variations, and other ideas to comments. Happy New Year!