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Friday: Hand Speed Rolls

Warm-up: Spend 4 minutes playing triple beats and flam taps in time with “Tenderoni” by Chromeo.

Skill work: The name of the game is Hand Speed Rolls:

The priorities here are perfect rhythmic interpretation and immaculate tempo maintenance. Notice too that this roughly follows a 4-2-1 pattern, so spend more time on the 4’s and 2’s before tackling the 1’s, especially with the last variation. Tempo range is 100 – 160 bpm.

Challenge: Can you play variations 3 and 4 with singles on the triplets? What about playing variation 4 with accents on the 1/16th notes? Off the left? The possibilities are endless; be creative.

Post tempos, heights, and variations to comments.

Thursday: Double-Stroke Roll

Warm-up: Pick a rudiment and grid it at least 4 different ways. Your options could include (but are not limited to): RH lead, LH lead, forwards, backwards, 4-2-1, 1-2-4, triplets, 16th’s, etc.

Skill work: Today we will revisit Murray Gusseck’s MasterClick article and play a double-stroke roll. Sticking options include:

  • R R L L R R L L
  • L L R R L L R R
  • R L L R R L L R
  • L R R L L R R L

Be creative and vary the dynamics over the course of the 31 minutes as well. Here is the mp3: MasterClick.

Also, here is an interesting podcast about technology and modern society to listen to while drumming.

Post experiences and thoughts to comments.