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Thursday: Double-Stroke Roll

Warm-up: Pick a rudiment and grid it at least 4 different ways. Your options could include (but are not limited to): RH lead, LH lead, forwards, backwards, 4-2-1, 1-2-4, triplets, 16th’s, etc.

Skill work: Today we will revisit Murray Gusseck’s MasterClick article and play a double-stroke roll. Sticking options include:

  • R R L L R R L L
  • L L R R L L R R
  • R L L R R L L R
  • L R R L L R R L

Be creative and vary the dynamics over the course of the 31 minutes as well. Here is the mp3: MasterClick.

Also, here is an interesting podcast about technology and modern society to listen to while drumming.

Post experiences and thoughts to comments.

Tuesday: Three’s

Let’s play some triple stroke rolls! Three’s, or French rolls, are very common in modern rudimental percussion literature. In addition, they will strengthen your double-stroke rolls, help your flam taps, and teach you how to apply fulcrum pressure effectively. Functional indeed.

Refer to Murray Gusseck’s “MasterClick” article, and download the audio track here. Play three’s for the entire 31-minute mp3. Your options are:

  • Vary rhythm: 1/8th notes, triplets, 1/16th notes, sixtuplets
  • Vary height: All up, all down, crescendo, decrescendo, accented
  • Vary sticking: R r r L l l R …, R l l L r r R …, R r l L l r R …

Have fun, be creative, and get better at three’s! Post experiences to comments.

(Here is a fascinating interview about the farm-to-table movement to listen to while drumming.)