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Thursday: Flam Accents and Flam Paradiddles

Warm-up: Spend 4 minutes playing paradiddle variations (double, triple, paradiddle-diddle, etc.). Check out “Trembling Hands” by Explosions in the Sky for a play-along track.

Skill work: Spend 10 minutes practicing flam accents and flam paradiddles. Begin at 88 bpm and play intentional grace notes. As you increase the tempo, combine wrist and finger motions to achieve healthy-sounding taps. Work towards 144 bpm.

Challenge: Can you add a buzz on the 2nd partial of each rudiment? Also experiment with adding a diddle on the 2nd partial. Have some fun with (buzz) cheeses, (buzz) flam fives, and combinations (as in Baconators).

Post tempos and variations to comments.