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Wednesday: Chut-Chuttas

Warm-up: Spend 5 minutes playing your favorite accent-to-tap exercise. Use “Where Do We Go From Here” by Jamiroquai for tempo.

Skill work: Spend 15 minutes working on this chut-chutta exercise. A ‘chut-chutta’ is a flam accent with an extra flam on the third partial. Start slowly (dotted 1/4-note at 80 bpm), and increase the tempo by 10 bpm every 2 minutes (working towards 140 bpm). Another variation is to play the exercise without any repeat measures.

Challenge: Can you put a diddle on the downbeat? These become ‘cheese chut-chuttas.’ Work on them slowly with solid diddles and clear heights. Can you play them in the triplet grid?

Post tempos, heights, and chut-chutta variations to comments.