Thursday: Triplet Grid and Singles

Warm-up: Spend 4 minutes playing paradiddles and choo-choo’s (flam the 3rd note of a paradiddle). Play along with “Go Do” by Jonsí.

Skill work: The Triplet Grid. Simply put, every rudimental percussionist must know and master this classic pattern. I have included 4 single-accent variations here. As we have done with other grids, insert diddles, flams, and buzzes on the downbeat as you gain familiarity.

Challenge: Jeff Prosperie and the Hellcats recently released a great YouTube video about how to play fast singles. How fast can you play singles in the triplet grid? Start at at dotted 1/4-note = 100 bpm, and increase the tempo by 8 bpm as you feel comfortable. Focus on the middle partial accents as well.

Post variations on the grid and tempos for the singles to comments.

2 responses to “Thursday: Triplet Grid and Singles

  1. Those choo-choos are a lot of fun. I was at all-district band rehearsal today practicing them during one of the breaks and had em going at a pretty good clip. Faster than a lot of my contemporaries. I have some of the fastest choo-choos in the district haha 🙂 Keep up the good work with RH I love it

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